Building & Home Automation

BMS (Building Management System)

We are partners with leading manufacturers to provide a wide range of building automation products that can be integrated into a new or retrofit facility to improve energy efficiency, reduce operational downtime, and maximize space utilization. Our BMS solution can deliver the following benefits to your facility.

Simplified Building Control-  A BMS can intelligently monitor and control all building systems as one.

Better Occupant Wellbeing- Building Management systems is geared at improving the comfort and safety requirements of building users and occupants.

Improved Energy and Operational Efficiency-  Analysis of real-time operations, helps support the implementation of strategies geared towards optimizing energy management and minimizing operational costs.

Make Better Facility- A good understanding of your building performance and energy usage can help make appropriate infrastructure improvements.

Smart Home Automation

Home Automation affords a homeowner seamless control over day to day activities in the home. A smart home can take care of your daily repetitive tasks allowing you to enjoy comfort, safety, general well – being, and peace of mind.

Lighting control – Create lighting moods for any occasion with endless possibilities and flexibility.

Blinds control – Take advantage of the daylight and adjust blinds and shades to coordinate with the sun.

Temperature Control – Keep rooms within your home at comfortable levels by monitoring temperature and humidity levels automatically.

Multi-Room Audio and Video – Start a movie in the Living room, pause it, retire to the bedroom, and press play! Bring all your online digital services into one place.

Guest Room Management System

As a hotel operator one of the many challenges that you daily seek to overcome as you run your business is that of consistently delivering to your guests a bespoke experience while at the same time managing and controlling your operational costs.

Room Automation – In-wall or mobile room control and integration for operating all the guest room electronic devices.

Occupancy-based Energy Optimization –  A GRMS limits energy use when guests are not in their rooms and reduce temperatures to a minimum in unrented rooms.

Integration Opportunities – Our GRMS can be integrated with other hospitality and loyalty platforms to give you an even more robust building-wide approach to managing energy and guest comfort.

Guest Room Analytics – Our Solution includes a three-dimensional real-time visual of your hotel, status monitoring information of all room controls and the opportunity to analyze usage data to makemore.informed future decisions.

Smart Office Automation

Commercial buildings consume a huge amount of energy as they strive to create an optimum environment for the occupants. It is no wonder that organizations are including in their framework best practices towards ecological sustainability to demonstrate their brand’s position and support towards the environment, society, and its customers.

Improved Energy Efficiency – Smart Office automation ensures that only the required energy is consumed when needed while loads are switched off automatically when not in use.

Simplify Controls Using Scenes – Create scenes with a single push of a button dim your lighting groups, adjust the Air Conditioning to a set temperature or turn off all loads at once- Your call.

Design the perfect workplace to maximize efficiency – You can bring out the right attitude to work from your employees and boost working efficiency.

Flexibility – Our solutions make modifications easy and expansions in response to changes updated within a short time- frame.

At Rhebuch we are here to help you increase your building’s operational and energy efficiency. With our network of Manufacturers and installers we can successfully design, supply, integrate and support your Building Management System ensuring that you derive the utmost benefits for your facility.