Fire Defense and Life Safety

Private or commercial properties need to infuse Fire Protection and Life Safety systems into their designs to mitigate risks from fire, heat and smoke. These systems are essential in ensuring that loss of lives, property and downtime in use of a building are reduced to the barest minimum.

Our Fire Solutions

Fire Detection and Alarm System:  Fire detection systems are systems designed to alert occupants to the development of a fire to allow for safe evacuation. The system components include manual call points, beacon sounders and detectors which could be addressable or conventional.

Fire Protection System: There are various protection systems available and the choice of system is dependent on the building function and the area to be protected.

Our Safety Solutions

Sprinkler system, FM200 System, Co2 System, Kitchen suppression system, Foams and Concentrates.

Fire Fighting Equipment: This fights established fires.

  • Fire Extinguishers and Blankets
  • Hoses, Reels, Cabinets and Accessories,
  • Fire Hydrants, Fire Pumps, Fire Valves and risers.

Life Safety System: This includes the

  • Emergency lighting System- which provides visibility in the event of a power outage.
  • Our lighting fittings range include downlights, bulkhead fittings and exit lights.
  • Voice Evacuation System- Our systems will alert and warn every occupant in a facility in the event of an evacuation.