RHEBUCH TRADE LIMITED provides an array of innovative and affordable security and safety products that can safeguard your facility and occupants.


Monitor in real-time all happening within your building surrounding.
Benefits – Monitors activities, Collect evidence, Decision Making, Keep records, 


Our devices are equipped with digital algorithms and multi-factor models that detects threat, and to top it off, the possibility of a false alarm is ruled out.
Benefits –  Fewer security incidents, Privacy protection, Reputation-managed protection, Multiple threat protection,

Access Control

We provide an array of innovative and affordable access control products that further adds value to your facility and create a safer haven for you. Such as MOBILE DISINFECTION BOOTH, THERMAL, AND FACIAL RECOGNITION CAMERA, CONTACTLESS EXIT BUTTON, and SMART FACE RECOGNITION DEVICE.

Benefits – Get Rid of Traditional Keys, Save Money and Energy, Keep Track of Who Comes and Goes, Prevent Against Data Breaches.